Speech of Head of Marine Data Bank Unit :

The Data and information are the basic material for any scientific research, without them, it is not possible to study and analyze the problems and phenomena and identify the dimensions, causes and the ways to address them. They are regarded as means of scientific researches and their objective at the same time. Those who are interested in scientific research are often get confused between the meaning of data and the meaning of information, some of them use the term data, and they mean information and vice versa, while there is a difference between data and information , the difference becomes evident through the following definitions: Data is the set of observations, notes, numbers and views on the phenomenon or a specific problem. Data is the raw material used by the mind to think and by linking their parts, or to compare or evaluate their information may reach to the level of theory. Information means ready data characterized by clarity, organization and proper documentation and ease of reference in the libraries. In brief, data is the material collected by the researcher as it in the nature, while the information is the product of the process of data collection, analysis and organization. Based on this, the collecting, organizing and storing data and information in the research enterprise is a cornerstone in the process of scientific research. Establishment of this project in our center (MSC) on May 07,2016 is regarded as an advanced step in the research work and put our center parallel to institutions of scientific research in the world in terms of the correct construction in scientific and research work. On this occasion, we extend our thanks to the Director General for his support, and to the office of the Director-General and Heads of departments and all researchers who contribute in providing the bank with information through the representatives of departments in the unity of Marine Data Bank (MDB).

Assistant professor Dr.Abdul Haleem A. Al-Muhyi